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"Amazing works from a talented artist. The pieces speak stories, like untold secrets aching to be released. Art at its best!"

-James I., California

“Diatonic Melody” is beautiful!

-Linda W.,

"Wow, Kim, this is very fun stuff. Many great pieces. Thanks much for sharing. Each of the pieces draws me in with some point of entry. Perhaps, it is the façade of simplicity that becomes more layered with meaning for me. Even though line drawings, many essentially become 3-dimensional from my perspective (Divergent Boundaries, Altarpiece are good examples of that). The addition of some red on occasion with the black tones is quite evocative. Tho the single hued flows well with your intent to explore, “curiosity for language, writing systems, symbolism and masks.” I was heartily intrigued with your statement about your process. Great statement that bears out truth in the art itself. You are good! Congrats on the new showing of your works with Diaphanous Press. I very much appreciate (and identify with) your stoking the hearth of creativity and making it live. Much cheer."

-David M., California

Kim Papa


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